SG LakeShore Katerina 8*M

2016 ADGA National Show 1st Place & Udder Milking Yearling

2016 INBA Reserve All American Milking Yearling

2015 INBA All American Junior Kid







April 2, 2016

Purebred Nubian

DNA Typed & Parent Qualified

Normal by Testing


Linear Appraisal: 

2016   (01-02) VV+V  86

DHIR & One Day Milk Tests:

02-00  172DIM  1290  44F  45P

                  Life  1290  44F  45P

National Show Placings:

2016   1st Place & Udder Milking Yearling 

Progeny in Herd:

                         LakeShore EXC Sieghard

            J&R Spirit's 1 Hot Tamale  (01-02) VVV 88

                         SGCH J&R Spirit's DKS Kaiyenne 10*M  (05-06) VEEE 90

+*B SGCH J&R Spirit's HT-K Kaitai  (03-02) EEE 91

                         ++*B SG Kastdemur's DE Exhibitionist  (05-01) EEV 90

            SGCH Desert-Willow Kailia 2*M  (08-07) EEEE 93  2009 Nat'l Reserve Best Udder

                         SGCH Carousel's Kooskia 1*M  (04-02) VEVV 87

                         ++*B LakeShore-Farms Doctor Luke  (05-01) VEE 90

            +*B LakeShore DL Perfect Storm  (02-07) VEE 90

                         SGCH LakeShore-Farms Sierra Storm 4*M  (05-05) VEEE 90

SGCH LakeShore Perfect Bellissima 7*M  (05-02) VEEE 91  2015 Nat'l RGCH, BU & Total Performer

                         *B Wingwood Farm AD Gran Patron  (01-05) VEE 89

            SGCH LakeShore GP Tahitian Beauty 6*M  (03-03) V+EV 87

                         SG LakeShore SH Tahiti 5*M  (01-04) VVVV 86

          After many years of admiring the LakeShore herd we and beyond excited to finally add a LakeShore animal to our herd in 2015! After seeing *B CH LakeShore Ace Bellagio at the 2014 ADGA Convention we knew we wanted to introduce that consistent "total package" pedigree along with style that he has into our herd. So we went with the obvious choice, SGCH LakeShore Perfect Bellissima 7*M (05-02) VEEE 91 who was bred to an outstanding buck who is a 3/4 sibling to my of my favorite does currently owned by LakeShore, SGCH J&R Spirit's LFS Korrine 3*M (07-05) EEEE 91. It was no surprise when Bellissima won National Reserve Champion, Best Udder of Breed and Total Performer at the 2015 National Show just a few months after Katerina made her journey to the East Coast. 

          While Katerina was a beautiful kid, she is an even prettier milking yearling! Long, tall and wide with a capacious mammary system, with well attached rear, fore and lateral attachments and beautiful texture. She has been undefeated as a milking yearling this year and handily won her National Show class in Harrisburg, PA. She is also quite productive having a very steady lactation. As a two year old she's looking even better and milking just as well. Unfortunately Katerina has had a few bumps in the road this year and was not able to be shown. After a procedure she is doing great and is expected to be back on track for breeding season sooner than we expected! We're not sure if we will see her back in the show ring but are excited to continue to see what she can produce in her offspring.  

Bred To:  *B Begley's-Troubled-Acre Skywlkr

Due:  April, 2018

2017 Show Results & Photos


Not shown in 2017

2016 Show Results & Photos

2016 INBA Reserve All American Milking Yearling

Eastern New York Goat Club

Ring #1:

1st Place Milking Yearling

Ring #2:

1st Place Milking Yearling

Southern Vermont Dairy Goat Associaiton

1st Place Milking Yearling

ADGA National Show - Harrisburg, PA

1st Place & Udder Milking Yearling

Member of 6th Place Best Three Does (w/ Wysteria & Bellatrix)

Progressive Dairy Goat Club

Ring #1:

1st Place & Udder Milking Yearling

Ring #2:

1st Place & Udder Milking Yearling

Litchfield County 4-H Fair

Reserve Senior Champion

1st Place & Udder Milking Yearling

Member of 1st Place Best Three Does (w/ Wysteria & Mundi)

1st Place Nubian Milk Out Contest & Overall Standard Breed

2015 Show Results & Photos

2015 INBA All American Junior Kid

Eastern New York Dairy Goat Club

Combined Ring #1:

3/5 Under 24 Months Dry

Combined Ring #2:

5/5 Under 24 Months Dry

Junior Ring #1:

2/6 Junior Kid

Junior Ring #2:

5/6 Junior Kid

PSGC Combined Doe Double Ring Show & District II Specialty

Ring #1 & Specialty:

Reserve Junior Champion

1st Place Junior Kid

Ring #2:

2nd Place Junior Kid

PSGC Junior Doe Double Ring Show & Specialty

Ring #1 & Specialty:

4/10+ Junior Kid

Ring #2:

4/10+ Junior Kid

Litchfield County 4-H Fair

Best in Show Junior Doe

Nubian Junior Champion

1st Place Kid 2 to Under 6 Months

1st Place Best 3 Does

Heath Fair

3rd Place 4 to Under 8 Months

Blandford Fair

2nd Place Intermediate Kid

2nd Place Dairy Herd

Eastern States Exposition 4-H Show

Honorable Mention for Best in Show

Grand Champion

1st Place Doeling