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2013 NESC Sweepstakes Results & Our New Logo!

Posted on March 10, 2014 at 9:25 AM

After a busy weekend we have some exciting news to share with everyone! 

New England Show Circuit Banquete 

As always, we attended the New England Show Circuit Banqete this past weekend where we learned the results of the 2013 show season. This is where they total the points for each breed from every show in New England over the past year. You must be a member of a club which is paid and chartered with the NESC to recieve your points! We attend the banquete yearly and are glad to announce we placed 3rd in open Belgian Hare, 1st place youth Belgian Hare, 2nd place youth English Lop and 1st place youth Velveteen Lop! With very low numbers in our breeds we are glad to have recieved the amount of points we did and as always hope to improve for next year! Check out the rest of our placings by clicking here.

Spring is Here!

Finally we have had a good streak of warmer weather and I have managed to (hopefully) get some rabbits bred. As of March 11, I have bred Windy Hill's Zach to PCR Clarissa, both were youth Best Opposite of Variety at the ARBA National Convention at one time and I cannot wait to see what they produce! I am have also tried rebreeding Crawford's Rio and Journey Home's Manhattan, Manhattan produced the 2nd & 4th place solid junior buck at Convention this year! Lets hope they all took. Journey Home's Summer (VL) & Shannon's Dyslexic Cow (BH) are due any day but I am starting to doubt they are bred, I have a feeling we will be having a lot of April babies! More information coming soon! 

Our New Logo

I have some how managed to keep under wraps that I was having a logo made for our farm for the past few weeks and finally was able to announce to everyone by showing it to everyone (via Facebook) this past weekend! It was made by Laura of Locket Rabbitry and I cannot thank her enough for it! Now time to reprint pedigrees with our new logo on them! 

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