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Welcoming 2015

Posted on February 14, 2015 at 5:10 PM
Welcoming 2015

Around here things are getting quite busy with the beginning of our 2015 rabbit show season and the ending of the breeding season for the goats.

We have been lucky enough to already start off with a BIS and BRIS with out English Lop, PCR Sugar Bear at the once local show we attened as well as a BOB and BOV at the PaSRBA Convention (or the PA State Rabbit Breeders Association Convention) with the same buck. We are still completely shocked and honored to have recieve the double best in show youth last year (2014) with GC LAR Harry, a Belgian Hare! Being able to have another animal on the best of group table was once again an honor. It was great to spend some time with our bunny friends as well as meet some new ones!

The next few weekends we are taking off to give the buns (and us!) a break after PaSRBA and catch up with work and school, but we are excited to once again hit the show tables in March! The annual New England Show Circuit banquet is also this March where we get to see our local bunny friends. 

While the start of the goat breeding season started off well, a few does have made it a bit more difficult. The Once in a Blue Moon (NOA Saanen) and Hops N Lops Bellatrix (AM Nubian) are both confirmed bred for April kids by some exciting bucks! Luna is bred to *B Companeros Jack Justintime, a buck who has Stand Out, a very well know and accomplished buck on both sides of his pedigree along with many other animals that have produces national champions. While Bella is bred to Beornings Sweeney Todd, I was so impressed with her kids from this past year (2014) out of *B Saada El-Tuzla that I bred her to his son out of another very nice doe, CH Beornings Roxie Hart. This will be slightly line bred on CH Beornings Kijukki, a doe who produced some of Beorningswick's best Nubians! We are very, very excited about these beedings! 

While our younger, dry does Hops N Lops Queen Amidala (PB Nubian) and Hops N Lops From the Ashes (RG Saanen) were a bit more difficult to get bred... Sadly, I am just about postive that we missed Padme's heat very early Febuary. We have been trying to get her bred since 2013 with the help of vets and hours of research. On a brighter note, Phoenix was bred Febuary 4th also to *B Companeros Jack Justintime, hopefully we will have some 4th of July babies!

Besides breeding and showing, we have also had a few other animal-related things come out recently! For starters, the January/Febuary issue of the ARBA Domestic Rabbit Magazine included the new Velveteen Lop working standard (the Stillo Standard) which included photos of Hops N Lops Lone Star and Journey Home's Sweet Pea as quality examples of the breed! Soon after recieving our magazine, we were excited to see that Ugly Rabbit Apparel came out with a Belgian Hare shirt (It's Good to be the King - Belgian Hare) that used GC LAR Harry's picture as a refernce, it also includes his name on the shirt! I'll be ordering mine soon as post a picture ASAP! In January I had entered a fun contest of goat pictures, and Phoenix was chosen to be on the calander

I think thats all the updates you and I can handle, I will be trying to keep the blog as updated as possible this year!

A big thank you to everyone at Saada Dairy Goats, LLC, I have just added a few more refrence photos of *B Saada El-Tuzla's relatives since we are retaining 2 of his daughters in our herd. More refrence photos are in the works as well!

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