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The Once in a Blue Moon 1*M

Saanen Grade (NOA)     05/08/2011     DNA Typed     E/F Casein







Linear Appraisal History:

2014   (03-02)  +VVV  86

2015   (04-01)  VEEV  88

2016   (05-01)  VEEE  90

DHIR and One Day Milk Test History:

(05-10)   305DIM  3160  111F     94P

(05-10)   500DIM  5070  177F  151P

National Show Placings & Notable Wins:

2015 Eastern States Expo Best Senior Doe in Show

2015 Blandford Fair GCH, BOB & BUOB


2015 Heath Fair RGCH

2014 Eastern States Expo Best Senior Doe in Show

2014 Blandford Fair GCH, BOB & BUOB

2013 Eastern States Expo RGCH

2012 Eastern States Expo GCH

Luna has a bit of a funny story from how she went from $100, feral dam-raised kid to a multi-best in show winner. As a 4-Her we originally had Nubians, but as I got to work with other breeds I was really taken with the personality of Saanens. We really weren't in a position to be adding goats as we kept our animals off site at the time, we really weren't seriously looking until an ad was sent out to the 4-H club for a few Saanen does and one kid. After much convincing, we went to look at the herd and I was taken with this skittish, three month old kid "Blue Moon". Then we were hit with the fact the herd hadn't kept up on registering their goats. We went through the paperwork they had, which included service memos, breeding dates and information needed to catch up excluding one service memo. Even after some friends told us to walk over the phone, we ended up leaving with the doe kid in hopes we could get that one service memo. Fast forward, we never got the service memo which is how we started our journey with ADGA's Native on Appearance program. 

Luna has turned into a lovely doe, and even though it's not on paper she has an incredable pedigree behind her with the best genetics in the northeast and otherwise including Tim-Tam, des Ruhigestelle, Albanhaus, Lake-Country, Red-Gate, Hi-Land, Saanendoah, Companeros, Yarrow Hill and so on. It's a neat Saanen history lesson to go back on the pedigree! She developed into a productive doe, and we we're unable to find a milk tester during her prime but she was easily producing close to 20 pounds with what I consider average management as we using a veterinarian at the time who refused to even give Bo-Se! Clearly, we've come a long way and at nearly 12 Luna is still here. I appreciate her correct set to her legs, width of rump and smoothness to her front end that has helped her maintain her confirmation this long. Her udder was lovely with a wide rear udder arch, strong fore udder and obviously plenty of capacity. 

Luna is the foundation of our Saanen herd, with only two other does ever coming in almost the entire herd goes back to her. While we are down to our last few grade does it's certainly bittersweet to move on from what was an opportunity to keep this line in the registry even after that one memo wasn't possible to get back. Her daughters, granddaughters and so on have gone on to place at the ADGA National Show, win production awards, make the Saanen grade breed leader list and several have scored excellent. After years of being a valuable doe to us, including many of them as my showmanship goat in 4-H she is so deserving of her pasture-pet title with her oldest daughter "Phoenix".

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