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Hops N Lops Don't Be Cruel

American Nubian     01/24/2021     DNA Typed & Parent Verified     B/B Casein     G6S Normal by Parentage

Linear Appraisal History:

DHIR and One Day Milk Test History:

National Show Placings & Notable Wins:



                              +*B SG Wingwood Farm Ami Tupelo  (02-04) EVV 89

            +*B SG Wingwood Farm TL Atlas

                              SGCH Wingwood Farm Tim's Althea 1*M  (05-05) EEEE 91

*B LakeShore Midsmr Night's Dream

                              *B LakeShore Real Indian Summer

            SG LakeShore Show Me Summer 5*M  (04-02) EVEE 91

                              SGCH LakeShore Dandy Showgirl 4*M  (03-03) EEEE 91


                              *B CH Wingwood Farm CM Atlante  (02-02) EEE 91

            *B Wingwood Farm Flyin Ambition  (03-04) +EV 85

                              SG Redwood Hills MC Delilah 1*M  (02-04) +EV+ 84

Hops N Lops Don't Stop Me Now

                              +*B SGCH Redwood Hills Atlas Drakon  (02-03) VEE 90

            SGCH Hops N Lops Dahlya 3*M  (04-04) VEVE 90

                              GCH Hops N Lops Wysteria 2*M  (07-02) EEEE 91

While Cruel is a very exciting up and coming doe from her type, it's actually her pedigree that I am the most excited about. Cruel is the product of our dam line but she also has almost every herd sire we have had on the property to date in her pedigree. With plenty of nationally recognized does and herds behind her, she shows it. As she comes along as one of the more immature yearlings she still does stand out for her levelness of topline, smoothness in the front end assembly and for her dairyness. 


Dry Yearling

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