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Hops N Lops Live From New York 2*M

American Saanen     03/13/2018     DNA Typed & Parent Verified     E/E Casein

Linear Appraisal History:

2021   (03-03)  VEEE  91

DHIR and One Day Milk Test History:

(01-11)   267DIM  1710  60F   50P

(02-10)   285DIM  2330  80F   64P 

(03-10)   221DIM  1910  64F   49P  (in progress)

National Show Placings & Notable Wins:

2018   15th Place Intermediate Kid

2018 Sunny Sisters GCH (x2)

2018 Eastern States Expo RCGH

2017 Heath Fair GCH


                              +B Noble-Springs SET Amigo  (04-04) +EE 86

            McQuitty Farm Sargent  (03-03) EEE 91

                              CH Tres Amigo Ticket Snivel 

+B Araby-Farm MFS Alcatraz  (04-03) EEE 92

                              *B Tempo Passa Evander  (01-04) +++ 83

            Araby-Farm TPE Adelaide  (02-03) VVVV 87

                              CH Araby-Farm Araby Queen  (05-04) VEEE 91

                              *B Araby-Farm Remmington  (02-05) V+V 86

            Tunnel's End AFR Joshua  (06-02) VVE 89

                              CH Araby-Farm Jamie  (02-04) VEEV 88

GCH Hops N Lops Cold Open 1*M  (05-01) EEEE 91

                              +*B Companeros Jack JustInTime  (04-02) VEV 88

            Hops N Lops Just This Once  (01-02) +VVE 86

                              The Once in a Blue Moon 1*M  (05-01) VEEE 90

Live would be better off in bubble wrap as she is my most injury-prone goat! Due to that, she really haven't gotten out to get the recognition she deserves. With a rear udder arch similar to her mother's, she scored 37 in height and 40 in arch as a still immature three year old. With no structural scores below "very good" (yes, including feet) she is a solid doe that is a lovely combination of her parents. Unfortunately like her dam, Live has been extremely buck prolific so we are patently waiting for a doe kid but until then she has produced some fancy buck kids that have gone on to do well in other herds. 

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