Rabbits for Sale

Please read our rabbit sales policy before contacting us about purchasing rabbits. It can be found at the bottom of this page.


Rabbit Sale Terms and Conditions

By contacting us about purchasing a rabbit you have agreed to our sales policy.

This is only the sales policy for rabbits.

Updated March 16, 2019

Animals are sold on a first come, first serve basis.  No animal is held without payment being received by cash, check, money order or PayPal.  We hold the right to refuse or cancel a sale at any time for any reason.  If a sale is cancelled by the buyer any monies paid will be forfeited, if we cancel the sale paid toward the animal will be refunded, any shipping, veterinary, carrier, crate, transportation or any other fees will not be refunded.

No animal can leave before they are eight weeks of age and we feel are able to handle the stress of moving to a new home.  All animals posted for sale are healthy and free of any disqualifications to the best of my knowledge unless noted otherwise.  Once the animal is our of our care we cannot guarantee the health, show, temperament or breeding success of any animal.  All show and breeding stock is pedigreed [and registered if over six months and eligible] and tattooed at the time of pick up.  No animals sold as a pet will come with a pedigree, nor receive one after the time of sale if requested.  Nothing on the pedigree is to be changed except the weight or ear length of the rabbit in question.  The tattoo of the animal and herd name prefix is never to be changed nor advertised as anything other than the full name printed on the pedigree. 



If your rabbit cannot be picked up in person we do offer to ship them by air or with a ground transporter at the expense of the buyer.  

For ground transport, we are willing to look into finding transporters through various Facebook and Yahoo groups but we have the right to refuse any transporter for any reason.  We will supply to transporter with a few days worth of food past when they are expected to be delivered in addition to a few bottle of our water to help and a bag of hay to help with the initial stress of transporting.  We do everything we can to make transporting as stress free as possible but once the animal is out of care I cannot guarantee the health or condition of the animal so please choose transporters wisely.  If the transporter needs a carrier it will be at the expense of the buyer.

For air-shipping, we ship out of Bradley International Airport in Hartford, CT.  The expenses of the buyer include but are not limited to: shipping fees, flight carrier and crate fees, health papers and other vet expenses, and transportation to the airport.  We are willing to ship internationally.  When shipped we put a carrier inside a dog kennel as the airlines prefer.  The tray(s) will have puppy pads to absorb any urine and the rabbits will have a small dish of food and a small dish or ice cubes just before shipping.  We try to make this as stress free as possible for the animals.  It's best to arrive at the airport as soon as the crate arrives and remove the lid to the dog crate to give them extra airflow and refill waters and feed to encourage eating and drinking.  They do best if removed from the carrier and put in their permanent larger cages as soon as possible so they can relax after their long day.