*B Talache 's Hallel

*B Talache's Halel

Pictured as a yearling





American Saanen

DNA Typed


Current Progeny in Herd:


Outside Service:

We are offering outside service to approved, healthy does during the 2020 breeding season. Please contact us for more information.

Semen Availability:

We will not be offering semen until we have seen daughters freshen in 2021. Please contact us to be placed on the notification list.

                              ++*B Tim Tam Reason Legend

               ++*B White-Wave Legend Shiatsu

                              GCH White Wave Some Plum 2*M  1992 Nat'l Champion

*B Talache 's Hiatsu

                               +B Loughlin's Snoqualmie  (02-05) VVV 85

              GCH Talache 's Harada 7*M  (03-06) EVEE 90

                               Talache's Henrici 6*M

                               +B Noble-Springs Mo'effective  (04-05) EVE 90

               +*B SG Noble-Springs Dace  (04-03) EEE 91

                               SGCH Just-A-Hobby Perfect Dream 6*M  (03-04) VVEE 91

SGCH Talache 's Hadar 7*M  (04-05) EEEE 92  Top Ten

                               *B Willow Run SK Sugar Ray

               Talache 's Hosanna 6*M  (06-02) VEEE 90

                               SGCH Klisse's TIS Fancy of Hope 5*M  (04-03) VEVE 88

I'm not sure where to even start with this phenomenal pedigree. Hallel has milk, appraisal scores and show records behind him. His dam Hadar and her full sister really caught my eye and I just couldn't resist contacting Shannon about a reservation. Hadar has blossomed since them earning an appraisal score of 92 EEEE, placing second behind the 2019 Reserve National Champion, 2019 National Show High 205 Milk and Butterfat, and now a Top Ten doe with almost 6,000 pounds of milk. Several members of his pedigree have also earned similar accolades such as being on the Top Ten list, placing at National Show and impressive appraisal scores and milk records. We cannot thank Shannon and everyone at Talache's enough for entrusting us with him!

Hallel's daughters have a clear stamp being very level in top line, correct in the rear legs and extremely feminine.


SGCH Talache 's Hadar 7*M

(04-05) EEEE 92

Photos courtesy of Talache's Dairy Goats  (Four - Two  -  Two)


SGCH Talache 's Hadar 7*M

(04-05) EEEE 92

Photo courtesy of Talache's Dairy Goats

Sire's Dam:

SGCH Talache 's Hadara 7*M

(03-06) EVEE 90

Photo courtesy of Talache's Dairy Goats