Hops N Lops Lumos Maxima

2018 NSBA All American Grade Senior Yearling

2017 NSBA All American Grade Junior Kid






March 5, 2017

Saanen Grade (50%)

DNA Typed & Parent Qualified


Linear Appraisal:

DHIR & One Day Milk Tests:

National Show Placings:

Progeny in Herd:

                              *B Old-English Whitelightning  (01-02) +VV 83

            +B Briar-Bay WL Smilin' Jack

                              SGCH Briar-Bay RTB Plumnellie  (07-01) VEEE 91

+*B Companeros Jack JustInTime  (04-02) VEV 88

                              ++*B SG Cherrypines Stand Out  (08-06) EEE 91

            SG Companeros Stand Out Jade 10*M  (03-04) EEEE 92

                              SGCH Companeros Clinton Jewel 9*M  (06-03) EEEE 92  2010 Nat'l Rsv Champion


The Once in a Blue Moon 1*M  (05-01) VEEE 90


A repeat breeding gone exactly how I wanted it to, not only did I get the doe I wanted - I got two! Lumos is a wide, powerful doe with a level top line and stands on a correct set of feet and legs. She freshened with a phenomenal rear udder arch and height and is proving to be a productive first freshener. 

Bred to:  


2018 Show Results & Photos

2018 NSBA All American Grade Senior Yearling

Heath Fair

Reserve Grand Champion

1st Place Dry Yearling

Eastern States Exposition

2nd Place Senior Yearling

2017 Show Results & Photos

2017 NSBA All American Grade Intermediate Kid

Nutmeg Classic

3rd Place Junior Kid

New Hampshire Dairy Goat Association

2nd (of 2) 3 to Under 6 Months

Southern Vermont Dairy Goat Association

Reserve Grand Champion

1st (of 4) Place Under 4 Months Old