Hops N Lops Diminuendo

2018 INBA District I Specialty Junior Grand Champion

2018 INBA Reserve All American Senior Yearling







March 17, 2017

American Nubian

DNA Typed & Parent Qualified

Normal by Testing


Linear Appraisal:

DHIR & One Day Milk Tests:

02-01  98DIM  380  16F  15P  (in progress)

National Show Placings:

Progeny in Herd:

Nightshade  (2019)

                              +*B SG Wingwood Farm Ami Tupelo  (02-04) EVV 89

            +*B SG Wingwood Farm TL Atlas

                              SGCH Wingwood Farm Tim's Althea 1*M  (05-05) EEEE 91  2015 High 305 BF

*B SGCH Redwood Hills Atlas Drakon  (02-03) VEE 90

                              ++*B SG Kastdemur's Monte Carlo   2015 Sr Get of Sire

            SG Redwood Hills MC Delilah 1*M  (02-04) +VE+ 84

                              Redwood Hills Delusional

                              +*B Saada El-Tuzla

            Beornings Sweeney Todd  (02-04) VEE 88

                              CH Beornings Roxie Hart 1*M  (06-04) EEEV 89

Hops N Lops Imperatrix Mundi  

                              Beornings Yukio

            Hops N Lops Bellatrix 1*M  (05-02) VEEE 91

                              Lakeridge Farm Harriet

Breeding Drakon to Mundi was probably one of the most exciting breedings I had planned for 2017. With Mundi's extreme general appearance and Drakon's extreme dairy strength, in theory they were an excellent match. Out of that came single doe "Minnie" who we are incredibly excited about! Minnie is very similar to her dam being the largest in the barn as a young yearling. With her large size and scale comes some awkwardness, but we see a ton of potential as do others considering her INBA District I Specialty win. We are excited to watch this doe develop and have a lot of high expectations from her.

Bred to:  LakeShore Midsmr Night's Dream and is due January 25, 2020.

2019 Show Results & Photos


2018 Show Results & Photos

2018 INBA Reserve All American Senior Yearling

Nutmeg Classic/INBA District I Specialty

Honorable Mention for Best in Show

Grand Champion

1st Place Dry Yearling (of 10+)

2017 Show Results & Photos

Nutmeg Classic

5th (of 14) Place Junior Kid

New Hampshire Dairy Goat Association

3rd (of 11) Under 3 Months

Southern Vermont Dairy Goat Association

4th Place Under 4 Months

Sunny Sisters

Ring #1:

4th (of 15) 3 to Under 6 Months

Ring #2:

4th (of 15) 3 to Under 6 Months