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Hops N Lops Folsom 11*M

American Saanen     01/27/2020     DNA Typed & Parent Verified     E/F Casien

Linear Appraisal History:

2022  (02-04)  VEVE 87


                              *B God's-Grace Italian Stallion

            Noble-Springs GGIS Truce

                              Noble-Springs MFD Timra

Noble-Springs NST Definitive

                              +B Noble-Springs Mo'effective  (07-06) EEE 92

            Noble-Springs NSME Dayna 8*M

                              GCH Noble-Springs ASAS Daylily 7*M


                              McQuitty Farm Sargent  (03-03) EEE 91

            +B Araby-Farm MFS Alcatraz  (04-03) EEE 92

                              Araby-Farm TPE Adelaide  (02-03) VVVV 87

Hops N Lops Guantanamo 10*M  (03-04) VEEE 90

                              ++*B SG des-Ruhigestelle Trademark  (04-03) EEE 91

            SG Tempo Passa Ellaria 9*M  (05-03) VEEV 89

                              SGCH des-Ruhigestelle Elendrea  (03-06) EEEE 93

DHIR and One Day Milk Test History:

(02-02)  249DIM  2143  63F  59P

(04-00)    99DIM  1127  35F  33P  (in progress)

National Show Placings & Notable Wins:

2022  12th Place Two Year Old

2021 Eastern States Best Junior Doe in Show

2021 NJ State Fair Best Junior Doe in Show

2021 NJ States Fair GCH (x2)

2021 CDGA Nutmeg Classic GCH


The Once Who Knocks

Sing Sing

Folsom was a stand out kid from the start. I hadn't planned on keeping a doe kid from this litter, but I took the photo of her and her sister to send to someone purchasing a kid and I didn't have the heart to let her go. Thankfully my gut was right as she's turned out so well. Rarely do breedings truly fix exactly what you expect with young, unproven parents but this one certainly did. Even as a junior doe and first freshener she has the more extremely levelness of rump and length of bone pattern I would change about her dam, but also maintain the height of rear udder, strength of fore udder and over all strength throughout including substance of bone. She is one I am beyond excited to see the future of, even if she certainly knows she's a favorite in the barn and her personality certainly shows that. We also have a lovely AI daughter from her that is quite a stand out of her own to look forward to sharing in the future. 


Four Year Old, Second Freshener

Two Year Old, First Freshener

Two Year Old, First Freshener


Dry Yearling


Dry Yearling

Dry Yearling

Dry Yearling


Dry Yearling

Folsom Baby.jpg



IMG_0167 (1).jpeg

Four Year Old, Second Freshener

Two Year Old, First Freshener

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