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Hops N Lops High Hopes

American Nubian     03/09/2022     DNA Typed & Parent Verified     B/B Casein     G6S Normal by Parentage



                              +*B SG Wingwood Farm Ami Tupelo  (02-04) EVV 89

            +*B SG Wingwood Farm TL Atlas

                              SGCH Wingwood Farm Tim's Althea 1*M  (05-05) EEEE 91

+*B SGCH Rewood Hills Atlas Drakon  (02-03) VEE 90

                              ++*B SG Kastdemur's Monte Carlo

            SG Redwood Hills MC Delilah 1*M  (02-04) GEVG 84

                              Redwood Hills Delusional


                              +*B Begley's-Troubled-Acre J Rumba  (05-05) VVG 85

            *B Begley's-Troubled-Acre Skywlkr

                              SGCH Begley's-Troubled-Acre Skdlbut 3*M  (05-02) EEEE 91

Hops N Lops A New Hope

                              Beornings Sweeney Todd  (03-05) VVE 87

            Hops N Lops Imperatrix Mundi  (02-04) VGGG 83 (dry)

                              Hops N Lops Bellatrix 1*M  (05-02) VEEE 91

Linear Appraisal History:


DHIR and One Day Milk Test History:

(01-11)  92DIM  353  17F  14P  (in progress)

National Show Placings & Notable Wins:


High Hopes is the product of a repeating breeding of a lovely doe named "My Only Hope" that we lost prior to freshening. While High Hope's dam didn't get into the show ring due to damage to her udder from mastitis she was a great brood doe and by a sire that produced consistent daughters for us. We look forward to freshening her in 2024. 


Dry Yearling

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