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Hops N Lops Katalyst

Purebred Nubian     03/07/2020     DNA Typed & Parent Verified     A/B Casein     G6S Normal by Parentage

Linear Appraisal History:

2023   (03-03)  GGGV  85



                              +*B SG My-Enchanted-Acres LM Candyman  (02-04) VEE 90

            +*B GCH Wingwood Farm CM Atlante  (02-01) EEE 91

                              SGCH Wingwood Farm TL Aviva 2*M  (05-02) VEEE 91

*B Wingwood Farm Flyin Ambition  (03-03) GEV 85

                              ++*B SG Wingwood Farm Vista's Tao  (05-04) VEE 90

            SGCH Wingwood Farm Tao's Arista 2*M  (06-04) EEEE 91

                              SGCH Wingwood Farm TAC Arianna 1*M  (03-08) EEEE 92


                              J&R Spirit's 1 Hot Tamale  (01-02) VVV 88

            ++*B SGCH J&R Spirit's HT-K Kaitai  (03-02) EEE 91

                              SGCH Desert-Willow KE CK Kailia  (08-07) EEEE 93

SGCH LakeShore Katerina 8*M  (03-01) VEVV 88

                              ++*B LakeShore DL Perfect Storm  (02-07) VEE 90

            SGCH LakeShore Perfect Bellissima 7*M  (05-02) VEEE 91

                              SGCH LakeShore GP Tahitian Beauty 6*M  (03-03) VGEV 87

DHIR and One Day Milk Test History:

(02-00)   220DIM  1050  47F  39P 

(03-00)   243DIM  1257  55F  45P 

(03-11)     35DIM    222  11F     8P  (in progress)

National Show Placings & Notable Wins:


She's been in the shadow of her littermate sister Kasablanca, but Katalyst is my favorite of the two - but she is also a little more of a slow maturer than Kasablanca. She is a daughter of our lovely Katerina who won the milking yearling class at the 2016 National Show and her maternal sister Kantina is already a favorite. Her udder is extremely well attached and looks better year after year. She started off with having a single and twins her first few freshenings so she's finally starting to pick up production and gain more depth of body. We really look forward to seeing her mammary system with the maturity and capacity we've been waiting for her to develop. 

Katalyst 2020.jpg

Three Year Old, Second Freshener


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