Hops N Lops Picturesque

2017 INBA All American Senior Kid







February 20, 2017

American Nubian

Normal by Parentage

Linear Appraisal:

DHIR & One Day Milk Tests:

National Show Placings:

Progeny in Herd:

                              +*B SG Wingwood Farm Ami Tupelo  (02-04) EVV 89

            +*B SG Wingwood Farm TL Atlas

                              SGCH Wingwood Farm Althea 1*M  (05-05) EEEE 91  2015 High 305 BF

+*B SGCH Redwood Hills Atlas Drakon  (02-03) VEE 90

                              ++*B SG Kastdemur's Monte Carlo  2015 Sr Get of Sire

            SG Redwood Hills MC Delilah 1*M  (02-04) +VE+ 84

                              Redwood Hills Delusional

                              ++B Saada Ishmael  (08-02) VEE 90

            +*B Saada El-Tuzla

                              SGCH Saada El-Levitica 3*M  (03-00) EEEE 92

Hops N Lops Mystique 2*M

                              Beornings Yukio

            Hops N Lops Bellatrix 1*M  (05-02) VEEE 91

                              Lakeridge Farm Harriet

Picturesque just oozes dairy strength - open, flat and super long ribs with extremely pliable skin and a beautiful long neck. Not to forget how long and tall this girl is! Not only is she dairy but she is extremely structurally correct with a beautiful long bone pattern, extremely uphill and walks with tremendous width between the hocks. She is everything I want to see in a dairy goat. We lost her fall of 2017, but are glad to have repeated the breeding and have full siblings both in our herd - Storm, Masquerade and Rogue.

2017 Show Results & Photos

Nutmeg Classic

1st (of 14) Place Junior Kids

New Hampshire Dairy Goat Association

1st (of 1) 3 to Under 6 Months

Southern Vermont Dairy Goat Association

1st (of  8) Under 4 Months

Member of the 1st Place Best Three Does (w/ Bellona & Diminuendo)

Sunny Sisters

Ring #1:

Grand Champion

1st (of 15) Place 3 to Under 6 Mth

Ring #2:

2nd (of 15) Place 3 to Under 6 Mth