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Hops N Lops Viper

American Nubian     01/28/2021     DNA Typed & Parent Verified     A/B Casein     G6S Normal by Parentage

National Show Placings & Notable Wins:

2022  15th Place Senior Yearling


                              +*B Begley's-Troubled Acre J Rumba  (05-05) VV+ 85

            *B Begley's-Troubled-Acre Skywlkr

                              SGCH Begley's-Troubled-Acre Skdlbut 3*M  (05-02) VEEE 91

*B Hops N Lops Rule the Galaxy

                              *B LakeShore Real Indian Summer

            SGCH Hops N Lops Dahlya 3*M  (04-03) VEEV 90

                              SGCH LakeShore Dandy Showgirl 4*M  (03-03) EEEE 91


                              *B CH Wingwood Farm CM Atlante  (02-02) EEE 91

            *B Wingwood Farm Flyin Ambition  (03-03) +EV 85

                              SGCH Wingwood Farm Tao Arista 2*M  (06-04) EEEE 91

Hops N Lops Venom

                              +*B SGCH Redwood Hills Atlas Drakon  (02-03) VEE 90

            Hops N Lops Storm  (03-04) VEEV 88

                              Hops N Lops Mystique 2*M 

DHIR and One Day Milk Test History:

Linear Appraisal History:

While she's the only yearling, she's an excellent example of what we've been seeing from our young herd sire Galaxy. She is so long and dairy, but still extremely correct in general appearance. She is being noticed by making the cut in a large senior yearling class at the 2022 national show, but I think this is one to watch as she matures and grows into her frame over the next few years. We're looking forward to seeing her freshen and her younger paternal sisters that are up and coming. 


Dry Yearling

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