Noble-Springs NST Definitive

Noble-Springs NST Definitive

Pictured at 6 months old





American Saanen

DNA Typed


Outside Service:

We plan to offer outside service to approved, healthy does in 2020. Please contact us for more information. 

Semen Availability:

We will not be offering semen until we freshen daughters in 2021. Please contact us to be placed on the notification list.

                              *B Old-English DT Jagular

               *B God's-Grace Italian Stallion

                              SGCH God's-Grace COI Italy 3*M  (05-04) EEEE 92

Noble-Springs GGIS Truce 

                              McQuitty-Farm SET Dayton

               Noble-Springs MFD Timra

                              Noble-Springs AS Teally 1*M

                              *B McQuitty-Farm Effective

               +B Noble-Springs Mo'Effective  (07-05) EEE 92

                              Noble-Springs TWS Maybelle

Noble-Springs NSME Dayna 8*M

                              +*B SG Alize Sloan's Artic Shine

               GCH Noble-Springs ASAS Daylily 7*M  2013 Reserve Best Udder

                              SGCH Just-A-Hobby Perfect Dream 6*M  (03-04) VVEE 91

While Definitive was a last minute addition, we feel he is going to be an excellent one! After our reservations didn't pan out as planned, I saw Noble's sale post of this buck out of a doe that produced CH Noble-Springs Dayna's Diamond. Diamond is an excellent doe I had the pleasure of seeing on a judging trip and it was a no brainer to bring in a maternal brother. His pedigree includes several lines and animals we have been wanting to incorporate into our Saanen line for some time - Artic Shine, Mo'Effective and Italy to name a few. We have also admired the consistency of the "D" line both in production and show records. 

Fin's daughters are very long and tall, yet having strong pasterns and lots of dairy strength. We are excited to watch them mature and see our first Fin daughters freshen. 

Maternal Sister:

CH Noble-Springs Dayna's Diamond

Photos courtesy of Noble-Springs Dairy Goats, and owned by Delta Rho Dairy Goats

Paternal Granddam:

Noble-Springs Timra

Photo courtesy of Noble-Springs Dairy Goats

Maternal Granddam:

GCH Noble-Springs ASAS Daylily 7*M

2013 National Reserve Best Udder

Photo courtesy of Noble-Springs Dairy Goats

Full Sister to Maternal Granddam:

GCH Noble-Springs AS Dahlia 7*M

2014 National Reserve Best Udder

Photo courtesy of Noble-Springs Dairy Goats


2018 Show Results & Photos