Noble-Springs NST Definitive

Noble-Springs NST Definitive

Pictured at 6 months old





American Saanen

We hope to have semen available in a 2020 once we have been able to evaluate daughters in milk. We are keeping a waiting list for those interested.

We are offering outside service to approved does. Please contact us for more information on current health requirements.

                              *B Old-English DT Jagular

               *B God's-Grace Italian Stallion

                              SGCH God's-Grace COI Italy 3*M  (05-04) EEEE 92

Noble-Springs GGIS Truce 

                              McQuitty-Farm SET Dayton

               Noble-Springs MFD Timra

                              Noble-Springs AS Teally 1*M

                              *B McQuitty-Farm Effective

               +B Noble-Springs Mo'Effective  (04-05) EVE 90

                              Noble-Springs TWS Maybelle

Noble-Springs NSME Dayna 8*M

                              +*B SG Alize Sloan's Artic Shine

               GCH Noble-Springs ASAS Daylily 7*M  2013 Reserve Best Udder

                              SGCH Just-A-Hobby Perfect Dream 6*M  (03-04) VVEE 91

While Definitive was a last minute addition, we feel he is going to be an excellent one! After our reservations didn't pan out as planned, I saw Noble's sale post of this buck out of a doe that produced CH Noble-Springs Dayna's Diamond. Diamond is an excellent doe I had the pleasure of seeing on a judging trip and it was a no brainer to bring in a maternal brother. His pedigree includes several lines and animals we have been wanting to incorporate into our Saanen line for some time - Artic Shine, Mo'Effective and Italy to name a few. We have also admired the consistency of the "D" line both in production and show records. 

Maternal Sister:

CH Noble-Springs Dayna's Diamond

Photos courtesy of Noble-Springs Dairy Goats, and owned by Delta Rho Dairy Goats

Paternal Granddam:

Noble-Springs Timra

Photo courtesy of Noble-Springs Dairy Goats

Maternal Granddam:

GCH Noble-Springs ASAS Daylily 7*M

2013 National Reserve Best Udder

Photo courtesy of Noble-Springs Dairy Goats

Full Sister to Maternal Granddam:

GCH Noble-Springs AS Dahlia 7*M

2014 National Reserve Best Udder

Photo courtesy of Noble-Springs Dairy Goats


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