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GCH RDR Showtime Minerva 4*M

Purebred Nubian     03/20/2017     DNA Typed     B/B Casein     G6S Normal by Testing


                              ++*B Little-Bic's Cinn-a-Bar

            Little-Bic's Rain Dancer

                              Sweet-Harvest Rainy Affair

++B Sweet-Harvest Show Time  (01-02) VVV 85

                              ++*B Stagelight DTM Malibu Blaise

            CH Sweet-Harvest Show Me Yours

                              GCH Sweet-Harvest Sudden Designer 1*M


                              *B Kastdemur's Beauxdious

            +*B Kastdemur's Walk This Way

                              GCH Lassenwood Miller Kailia

GCH RDR WTW Matilda 3*M  (05-03) EEEE 92

                              +*B Wingwood Farm KR Tuscany 

            GCH RDR Elizabeth 2*M  (10-02) EEEE 91

                              Redtail Ridge TC's Rozlyn 1*M

Linear Appraisal History:

2021   (04-03)  EEEE  91

2022   (05-03)  VEEE  90

2023   (06-03)  VEEE 91

DHIR and One Day Milk Test History:

(04-00)   256DIM  2000   80F   70P 

(05-00)   183DIM  1300   51F   43P

(05-10)   114DIM  1070   52F   39P  (in progress)

National Show Placings & Notable Wins:

2022  18th Place Five to Six Year Old


2021 CDGA Nutmeg Classic GCH & BUOB

2021 NHDGA Show GCH

2018 Humbolt DGA GCH

2018 Alameda Co Fair GCH

Minerva was a little bit of a surprise additoin, but after a few years of waiting for a maternal brother her dam was getting older and Rachel from RDR Nubians needed to downsize her Nubian herd which included Minerva. She was a first freshening three year old with very little capacity after having a single, but she had a lot of good piece that just needed time and a few more freshenings. With a strong, consistent dam line and Minerva being a paternal sister of  two-time National Champion SGCH Kastdemur's Temerity 4*M EX93 I very quickly inquired. After months of trying to get her across the country between schedules, the pandemic and west coast fires she finally made it! A big thank you to the Conway family and everyone involved in making it possible.


With a second and third freshening, she has really come along. Minerva is a powerful doe while still being angular with open ribs and femininity. She is also wide across her rump, uphill to withers on the move and with lovely extension of brisket she quickly finished her permanent championship and has scored excellent every year since. She is strongest in mammary system with plenty of extension of fore udder, width of rear udder and a lovely shape to the udder floor we choose to retain her son *B Hops N Lops Must Be a Weasley and hope to keep an AI son to use more heavily in the future. Weasley's full younger sister Marauder's is a twin of Minerva making us excited to see her mature. 


Minerva has a tough kidding and struggled at the end of her pregnancy in 2022, but came back strong in 2023. While we didn't show her much as she is a pending permanent champion she did earn a Best Udder of Breed win at the CDGA Nutmeg Classic this year, losing GCH to her herdmate. She looks great and we look forward to hopefully getting her out as an aged doe in 2024.


Six Year Old, Fourth Freshener

Five Year Old, Third Fresher

Four Year Old, Second Frehsner

Minerva 2020.jpg

Four Year Old, Second Freshener

Four Year Old, Second Freshener

Three Year Old, First Freshener

Minerva 2018.jpg

Dry Yearling

RDR Showtime Minerva Rear 2022.jpg

Five Year Old, Third Freshener

Four Year Old, Second Freshener

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