Semen Sales

At this time we do not offer any shippers available for use so please be prepared to send your own. I can transport to most ADGA National Show, Convention or local events we are attending. I will not transport semen to any show I am judging.

Transport or pick up must be made within two months of purchase unless we are holding it for a National Show or Convention. After the two months we do charge a storage fee. We prefer not to hold the straws for an extended amount of time.

PayPal, personal check, money order or cash are accepted. Please contact us at for more information on ordering.

Interested in semen from our bucks?

We do keep a waiting list for those who want to be informed when we have semen available from our bucks. Please contact us if you are interested on being put on a specific buck's waiting list. We do not offer straws until we have been able to evaluate daughters in milk.


Purebred Nubian

None at this time


American Nubian

None at this time


Purebred Saanen

None at this time


American Saanen

None at this time