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Tunnel's End AFR Joshua

Purebred Saanen     05/01/2010



                              +*B SG Lake-Country Opus Sachem

            *B Aspen-Hill's Lethal Weapon  (03-07) VEV 88

                              GCH Aspen-Hill's Bonitta 7*M

*B Araby-Farm LW Remmington

                              +*B Aspen-Hill's Mighty Maxwell

            GCH Araby-Farm Reanna 3*M  (03-04) VEVE 90

                              SGCH Araby-Farm Helene 2*M  (05-02) VEEE 90


                              ++B Aspen-Hill's Valentino

            +*B Aspen-Hill's Jim Dandy 4*M  (03-03) VEEE 90

                              Aspen-Hill's Snowdream 3*M

CH Araby-Farm Jamie  (01-04) VEEV 88

                              +*B Aspen-Hill's Mighty Maxwell

            GCH Little-Araby Jezabell 4*M  (03-03) VEEE 90

                              GCH Gay-Mor Snocal's Jubilant 3*M  (08-03) VVEE 90

Linear Appraisal History:

2014   (04-02)  VVE 88

2016  (06-02)   VVE 89

Current Progeny in Herd:

GCH Cold Open 1*M EX92

Past Progeny in Herd:

GCH From the Ashes 2*M EX90

While Joshua doesn't have as many appraisal scores, National Show results and milk test records as I like to see on our herd sires, he has been a nice cross into our current Saanen herd. He goes back to some of the original animals that founded the Araby herd that has had great success over the years on both sides of his pedigree. 

His paternal side goes back to some quality, high appraising Aspen-Hill and Lake Country lines that we really admire. Joshua's paternal grandsire *B Aspen-Hill's Lethal Weapon (03-07) VEV 88 who sired some high appraising daughters including Araby-Farm Jeanette 5*M (07-04) EEEE 91. Leathal Weapon's father was also quite impressive having several daughters appraising 90 or higher including SGCH Albanhaus Marilyn 5*M (04-05) EEEE 92, SGCH Marlene 5*M EX90, SG Lacy 1*M EX90 and SGCH GG Gloria 6*M EX90. Joshua's paternal granddam GCH Araby-Farm Reanna 3*M (03-04) 90 had great success for the Araby Herd being the 6th place three year old at the 2004 ADGA National Show as well as being a member of the first place senior get of sire. Along with Reanna is the first place senior get of sire was her paternal sisters, GCH Little-Araby Jezabell 4*M (03-03) VEEE 90 and Little-Araby Kiley 5*M (03-04) EEEE 91 who was the 12th place three year old the same year. 

Joshua's dam, CH Araby-Farm Jamie (02-04) VEEV 88 also goes back to a nice pedigree. Her sire +*B Aspen-Hill's Jim Dandy has sired many nice daughters including GCH Araby-Farm Hannah 3*M (05-02) VEEE 90 who was the 2004 8th place two year old. Jamie also comes from a very strong maternal line with her dam GCH Little-Araby Jezabell 4*M appraising (03-03) VEEE 90 and her granddam GCH Gay-Mor Snocal's Jubilant appraising (08-03) VVEE 90.

Joshua himself already has some impressive offspring even while being so young. His son CH Beornings Campion appraised (02-11) EVE 90 and has some impressive dry daughters doing well in the show ring. We have been pleased with the extremely correct general appearance especially the strength of pastern and level toplines I've seen from his kids and can't wait to see his daughters freshen soon. One daughter in our herd, GCH Hops N Lops From the Ashes 2*M (05-01) VEEE 90 was the 2018 ADGA National Show High 305 Milk and Butterfat winner and made the 2018 Breed Leader list. 

Joshua Ref.JPG
Joshua Ref 3.JPG

2004 National Show 1st Place Senior Get of Sire - +*B Aspen-Hill's Mighty Maxwell

(L) Little-Araby Kiley 5*M (03-04) EEEE 91 - Paternal Great Aunt

(M) GCH Little-Araby Jezabell 4*M (03-03) VEEE 90 - Maternal Grandam

(R) GCH Araby-Farm Reanna 3*M (03-04) VEVE 90 - Paternal Granddam

Photos courtesy of Araby-Farm


CH Beornings Campion

(02-11) VEV 90

Photo courtesy of Beorningswick Dairy Goats



GCH Hops N Lops Cold Open 1*M

(07-01) EEEE 92

2022 Lifetime Milk & Butterfat


GCH Hops N Lops From the Ashes 2*M

(05-01) VEEE 90

2018 High 305 Milk & Butterfat

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