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++*B SG Willow-Run V.Q. Scorpion King

American Saanen     10/04/2001

Current Progeny in Herd:

*B Hamunaptra

Past Progeny in Herd:

                              ++*B Windsor Manor Trailblazer

            ++*B SG Windsor-Manor WMT Dream Maker

                              SG des-Ruhigestelle Dream 2*M

++*B SG Windsor-Manor Visionquest

                              Companeros Jester Challenger

            SGCH Windsor Manor CJC Veronica  (06-03) EEEE 91

                              Windsor Manor Stylish Vanessa

                              Full-Circle Bailey's Legacy

            Willow Run  Legacy Ansell

                              GCH McQuitty-Farm Allison 2*M

GCH Willow Run Ansell Smirk

                              Willow Run AMPH Simulator

            Willow Run Simulator Smile

                              SG Willow Run Sno Strike a Pose

We have wanted to add Scorpion King's genetics more directly into our herd for some time, and after finding one straw we we're fortunate enough to have it settle! Scorpion has quite the pedigree going back to many winners in the 90's and early 2000's during the peak of the Willow-Run herd's success. 

His sire ++*B SG Windsor-Manor Visionquest produced several notable daughters who went on to finish their permanent championship, but most notable is Scorpion King's littermate and 2003 3rd Place Milking Yearling and member of the 1st Place Dam & Daughter with Smirk, GCH Willow Run V.Q. Sneer 2*M. He also produced GCH Willow Run Ritesfred Snuggle 2*M EX92 who was the 2008 Reserve National Best Udder. Visionquest is also a paternal sister to the 1999 and 2000 National Champion SGCH Willow Run Dream Bianca along with a number of other permanent champion and superior genetics sisters. 

His dam GCH Willow Run Ansell Smirk is the 2004 National Champion and Best Udder winner. Her sire is the son of the 1996 National Champion GCH McQuitty-Farm Allison 2*M, who made an impact on the breed with her other son ++*B SG McQuitty-Farm Allison's Ammo. Her sire is also a paternal sibling of the 2001 and 2022 National Champion SGCH McQuitty-Farm Aloha 1*M EX90, and GCH McQuitty-Farm FCBL Aliki EX92. 

Scorpion King has offspring who have been influential in a number of herds including Windsor-Manor and Araby-Farm Saanens. His daughter SGCH Araby-Farm SK Monique EX92 is a National Show class winner. He has other daughters such as SGCH Windsor-Manor SK Dreamcatcher EX90 and CH Windsor-Manor SK Dreamscope EX91 who have finished their permanent championships and have scored well. His son +*B GCH Araby-Farm SK Magnum EX91 has also been influential and we've enjoyed seeing what he has done for our own herd via AI.

We look forward to using his son Hamunaptra in our herd along with his granddaughter by +*B GCH Araby-Farm SK Magnum EX91.

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