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Hops N Lops ​Mystique 2*M

American Nubian     05/07/2014     DNA Typed & Parent Verified     A/B Casein     G6S Normal by Testing

                              ++*B Sand-Bur-Kids SC Grizzly

            ++B Saada Ishmael  (08-02) EEV 90

                              SG Saada Lady Bathsheba  (01-02) VEVV 87

+*B Saada El-Tuzla

                              ++*B SG Saada Gandolph Gado  (02-06) VE+V 87

            SGCH Saada El-Levitica 3*M  (03-00) EEEE 92

                              SGCH Saada El-Kaziah 2*M  (06-02) EVEE 92

                              *B Kastdemur's Full Mailbox

            Beornings Yukio

                              CH Beornings Kijuuki  (01-03) +EV+ 83

Hops N Lops Bellatrix 1*M  (05-02) VEEE 91

                              *B Lynnhaven D Gypsy Csardas  (05-03) ++V 84

            Lakeridge Farm Harriet

                              Lakeridge Farm Amy

Linear Appraisal History:

2014   (00-02)  ++A   G Young Stock Appraisal

2015   (01-01)  Ec+V V Young Stock Appraisal

DHIR and One Day Milk Test History:

(02-09)   132DIM    860    38F  37P

(02-10)   352DIM  1820    78F  44P

National Show Placings & Notable Wins:

2015 INBA D2 Specialty GCH

2015 INBA All American Senior Yearling

2015 ENYGC GCH (x2)

2015 PDGC GCH (x2)

2014 Eastern States Expo GCH

Mystique is a doe that had a stand out junior show career, but it was unfortunately cut short as a first freshener. She is the littermate sister of Wysteria, and while they're both very correct in general appearance she is a more feminine, long bone patterned version of her sister. She has produced daughter with that same angularity and style like Masquerade 3*M and Storm 3*M. That line has continued to have that same style through her granddaughter and great granddaughters, and we hope to see those traits continue for more generations to come.

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