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*B Talache 's Hallel

American Saanen     03/26/2019     DNA Typed     E/E Casein

                              ++*B Tim Tam Reason Legend

            ++*B White-Wave Legend Shiatsu

                              GCH White Wave Some Plum 2*M

*B Talache 's Hiatsu

                              +B Loughlin's Snoqualmie

            GCH Talache 's Hadara 7*M  (03-06) EVEE 90

                              Talache 's Henrici 6*M

                              +B Noble-Springs Mo'effective  (04-05) EVE 90

            +*B Noble-Springs Dace  (04-03) EEE 91

                              SGCH Just-a-Hobby Perfect Dream 6*M  (03-04) VVEE 91

SGCH Talache 's Hadar 7*M  (04-05) EEEE 92

                              *B Willow Run SK Sugar Ray

            Talache 's Hosanna 6*M  (06-02) VEEE 90

                              SGCH Klisse's TIS Fancy of Hope 5*M  (04-03) VEVE 88

Linear Appraisal History:

2021   (02-03)  EEV  90

Notable Wins:

Current Progeny in Herd:

Excelsior VG88


Past Progeny in Herd:

Outside Service & Semen Availability:

We are offering Hallel for driveway breedings during the 2022-23 breeding season. For more information, please visit our breeding services page for contact us with inquires.

We are offering a limited number of straws available for 5/$300 or $65/straw, please contact us with inquires.


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